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L Couches


L couches, or L shaped couches, are a type of couch that stretches along one way with an elbow at the end where the couch veers off to a perpendicular angle.

These types of couches are made to hold a lot more people, and they are often very effective at this!

A normal couch can only hold maybe three or four people at max, while L couches can hold up to seven or eight in many cases! There are a lot of advantages and disadvantages to L couches, so we will discuss both here.

Hopefully, this will help you figure out whether or not L shaped couches are for you, and it will help you to decide if you want to go for one or just go for a normal couch.

 l couches

 l shaped couches

 l shaped couch

Pros to an L Shaped Couch

First of all, L shape couches hold more people. You will notice this right away. Your normal couch will shrink in comparison to how many people an L couch can hold. Also, L shaped couches offer you the opportunity to save space.

You see, while a regular couch is smaller, you need to have other furniture to supplement for sitting space! But with an L couch, you can do away with a loveseat or an extra chair, just because you don’t need them. An L shape couch will seat as many, but will actually take up less room because it is all in one unit.

So, having an L couch in your living room will not only allow you to seat more people, but it will also allow you to seat them using less space. This can give you more room for a coffee table, a larger television, or even for a new recliner that you have been wanting! And since there is so much room on the new couch for people to sit, nobody will take your seat!   

 l shape couch

 l shape couches

 l shaped couch

Cons to L Shaped Couches

There are a few downsides to replacing your old couch with an L shaped couch. For one, you need to have a pretty good sized living room in order for L-shape couches to be effective. Secondly, you will spend more on an L couch than you will on a regular couch (depending on what brand you get). 

 l shape couch

 l couch

 l shaped couches

It is arguable that it will actually save you money because it is cheaper than an entire living room set, but if all you wanted was a couch to begin with, then l shaped couches might not be for you. So, if your living room is very tiny, and if you don’t want to replace anything but the old couch with a new L couch, then these couches might not be for you. Though, an L shaped couch does work great in a small living room as the stand-along piece of furniture!

Basically, the decision to buy L couches for your living room relies on what you like. If you like to seat more people with less hassle, then an L shaped couch is probably going to be your best friend. However, if you really like entire living room sets, then L couches might not be what you are looking for.

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